Royal Event Planner

Royal Event Planner


Any event whether big or a small comprises of a lot of minute details which have to be taken care of by someone who has the expertise in understanding and handling the nuances of it.

There are many aspects to organizing an event as it needs attention to detail, perfect coordination and contacts with service providers who are key in delivering a cost effective event. Most organizations do not have the time or contacts to put an event together which is where we come in.

Any occasion or event targeted for any type of clientele, whether corporate, social circles, educational institutions, merchants etc has to be well structured and coordinated in order to achieve the maximum success, our team of dedicated professionals give their best to ensure that.


Corporate Events

Looking for the Corporate Events planners company that would assist you in holding a successful party or event? Come to Royal Event Planner, to get the most creative and innovative service planning company that works with you, taking care of your needs of holding an event and to get an honest estimate of budget.
Royal Event Planners offers full service planning, which include everything needed for the successful completion of events of any kind such as corporate parties, events and much more, everywhere in the Delhi. Royal Event Planners Professionalís service planning include the arrangement of party rental equipments like tables, lights, AV equipments and decorations. The service planning also includes the catering of fine delicacies and the responsibility of arranging transport facilities like hiring a limo. The logistics of rental equipments also comes under the service planning we undertake.


Cultural Events

They are also significant in a way that cultural events are meant to expose people to a way of life of a particular country, state, society, organization and individual. The ethnic background attracts various people from across the globe to witness it and get enlightened. These include art forms like dance, music, theatre charities & folklore.
They leave a lasting impact when organized strategically by event planners. So it can be appreciated as a spectacle by the audience.

An outstanding cultural event lay stress on commitment, creativity and demands an eye to detail and to achieve all these, Royal Event Planner company have chosen an exceptionally skillful staff for managing such events which at no point of time can be afforded to go wrong. Not at any cost!

Personal Events

It’s unimaginable to even think about coordinating and supervising our own personal events since personal events are very dear and precious to everyone and a single mistake whether it’s small or big will definitely break our hearts. So, why take a risk? Our professionals will help you to manage and execute all what you have planned in mind with your touch but with our dedication and hard work we will make it a grand affair! Personal events are those can did moments which leave a special mark or impression in our hearts. Have we ever asked this question to ourselves?


Event Catering

If you are planning any corporate event, business meeting, special event, your wedding, party for kids, birthday parties or any other special event for a gathering of 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 10,000 or more than this in Delhi or anywhere in India, we at Royal Event Planner.Can help in managing catering for your special events.

We have excellent catering companies with us with whom we are working from last many years. We can offer you best menus with imaginative presentations and decorations. Depending on your requirements and budget, we will match the right caterer to your event to ensure that you receive fabulous food.

Brand Activation

A successful brand activation strategy needs comprehensive planning as well as detailed implementation. With proven track records working for multinational companies, we create our events based on our client's wants and formulate each activation to grab the right target.
Our portfolio shows our capability in executing fun and exciting events based on children's best loved characters – through entertaining and educational activities as well.
Our services are available throughout Indonesia and abroad. We work on attention to detail and innovative approach to unforgettable brand activation.
Establish a social media resource sharing center.



If your delegates are spread far and wide a multi venue roadshow can be the perfect solution.
Whether Delhi or even all over India, we can design flexible and transportable staging solutions that will accommodate the various venues and scenarios. We can also find and book your venues to accommodate the most logical time and cost effective programme possible.
Presentations can be tweaked between events to be region or location specific.
We can arrange the pre roadshow rehearsals as required and also offer roadshow planning, roadshow organiser, roadshow stage, staging solutions, roadshow management, road show organisers, event stages, production mentoring, script writing, vocal and presentation skills training, video production services, as well as a whole host of other support services (please see our conferences page)


Event Management Services

Our event management services have been a great success in achieving company goals owing to our impeccable execution standards. Corporate event management by our proficient execution department helps our customers achieve their objectives in the shortest span of time, albeit with long lasting impact.

Salient features: Generate the right size and profile of audiences through a 99% accurate database of over 80,000 small and medium enterprises. Inject a degree of innovation even in the most routine events Ensure hassle free execution through processes which look at the minutest detail Deliver the desired return on your investment