Royal Event Planner

Royal Event Planner


Event Management can be very demanding and costly. So, allow an award winning Wedding Planning Company based in Delhi to take the strain, leaving you with more time in your hands, allowing you to enjoy the event to the fullest. We offer a full range of creative Wedding Planning Services in Delhi NCR, and we deliver on time and within budget. We are a renowned wedding Planning Company in Delhi for organizing Weddings.



Royal Wedding

India is a land that has a rich cultural heritage. The country is dotted with several Royals that exhibit the ancient charm. These Palace make are the perfect wedding venues. Weddings are special occasions in each one’s life and if the chosen venue is a Palace then an elegant touch of royalty is added to the function. There are several Palaces in India that one could choose from, for the special day. In fact, Royal Wedding in India is very popular and people from all around the world look up to India to host their weddings.
There are several other facilities that are offered when it comes to the arrangement of Royal Wedding in India. In fact, if you want your wedding to be organized in different manner, then you need not worry.


Beach Wedding

Beach Weddings are popular all around the world. Over the years, beach weddings have also gained immense popularity in India. Beaches offer perfect and tranquil settings for a wedding. India is one of the preferred destinations for beach weddings. India is dotted by the vast stretches of magnificent beaches. This is one of the reasons why people from around the world come to India for a beach wedding. A beach wedding in India is a perfect venture for those who are adventurous at heart.
For a beach wedding in India, one could choose from places along the West Coast, East Coast or Southern India. Goa is one of the popular destinations, when it comes to a beach wedding in India. Goa has a beautiful shoreline and the beaches strengthen its identity. Apart from Goa, Kerala is also a great option.


Wedding Venues

A wedding is one of the most sanctified and special event of one’s life. Most of us dream about the most charming and splendid weddings. For people who believe in grandeur and marvelous celebrations. India with its rich cultural heritage and varied ethnicity is the hub for weddings. It is a land of celebration and festivities. Weddings in India are extravagant events, where people celebrate the new beginning in their life.
For your dream weddings everything should be special and one can't undermine the importance of a good wedding venue for a perfect wedding. Only a bride and groom are not sufficient but all the small and big things should be given due consideration. And a perfect venue for wedding is one such thing. The couples think a lot before finalizing location for weddings as it is the one thing which makes your wedding celebrations an unforgettable experience.


Indian Wedding

Indian Weddings are known for their grandeur. Both parties of the 'Barat' put in their maximum effort to make the wedding a successful event. Marriage is a combination of different ceremonies and rituals which are joyous and colorful. It is due to these events that the Indian marriage ceremony lasts for so many days time. Friends, family and relatives take part in the ceremony to bless the bride and the groom. is here to provide you with the information and details about Wedding Barat in India. Indian weddings are mostly about fun, frolic and tradition.


Sangeet Night/ DJ Night

Nowadays at the wedding celebrations, wedding decorations play an important role. People arrange various pre-wedding and post wedding celebrations like tilak or Mehendi, puja, or Sangeet. These pre-wedding and post wedding celebrations may be arranged at one’s home or outside. Sangeet is a pre-wedding celebration where mostly ladies come together to sing and dance. Therefore, decorations play an important role to add charm to the celebration. Sangeet decorations could be of various types.
Sangeet decorations may be wedding themes based or on personal taste and budget. Traditional decoration could be made for Sangeet celebration. Sangeet decorations also could be made ethnic by using colors like red, orange, bandhani, maroon, or purple drapes with some golden glittering colors. This concept could be carried for decorating the entire area.


Wedding Theme

Everybody wants his or her wedding to be a perfect and outstanding event from others' weddings. The pre-wedding, the main day and the post wedding celebrations are therefore thoughtfully planned. Various wedding planners opt for various wedding themes. These wedding themes are mostly the fantasy based, romantic, royal or fairytale themes. Now- a-days people are trying out distinctive themes for there marriages. These wedding themes have a wide variety ranging from the traditional to ultra modern.
In any Indian wedding theme, the accessories are chosen very precisely. Indians like bright colors like red, orange, golden, maroon and violet. Hence the wedding themes also consist of these colors. One can see the beautiful drapes in these colors accompanied with some sober and light colors like light blue, green, yellow and pink.